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Asylum Postscriptum

Another child is born in India every time you read this!

Ich.. aktuell
30 April
Hey, talk to me and get to know me eh? :o)
alcohol, animation, anime, architecture, art, astronomy, bdsm, beer, being an anglophile, being queer, belts, bisexuality, björk, bmw, boston, caffeine, cake, canada, cardiff, cars, cartoons, cats, chocolate, christopher walken, cinema, cities, clerks, clothes, coffee, collars, comics, computers, cooking, corsets, cowboy bebop, cycling, daft punk, daria, david tennant, die deutsche sprache, doctor who, driving, driving fast, eddie izzard, england, europe, evangelion, ewan mcgregor, farscape, femininity, fetish, fight club, film, films, flcl, food, foreign languages, formula 1, fun, gay rights, genderqueer, germany, girls, glitter, goju karate, grrl, hair, hairdye, handcuffs, harry potter, howard stern, ikea, indie rock, insane music, internet, invader zim, japan, jhonen vasquez, jthm, język polski, kissing, kraków, latex, learning, legs, lexx, linguistics, long hair, makeup, margaret cho, marilyn manson, meat, michel gondry, mike patton, mitch hedberg, monty python, mountains, movies, mr. bungle, mst3k, mtf, music, nemi, neon genesis evangelion, new jersey, pete & pete, photography, photoshop, piercing, piercings, pink, pink things, pj harvey, poland, pretty boys, pubs, queer community, queer theory, queers, railroads, rathergood.com, road trips, rocky horror, roman dirge, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, sexuality, shoes, shopping, showers, siouxsie and the banshees, skiing, skirts, sleeping, snow, squee!, star trek, sushi, tea, the addams family, tmbg, torchwood, transgender, transsexuality, transsexuals, vinyl, weezer, writing, ytmnd.